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NoteStrokes/Fashion on Websites

NoteStrokes/Fashion renditions are designed to work effectively on websites and webpages. Renditions are dynamic and multimodal (visual and sound), which means they will catch the eye (and ear) of even the most casual browser. They will have a "viral" effect because people that see them will tell others to go to the website where they saw them. They can be installed quickly on any website and webpage type (including html, php, asp as well as with stylesheet web designs) with code we can provide. They use current compression technology which means they load and stream quickly, and play without interruption or hesitation. They are secure and cannot be copied by website visitors.

To discuss how FashionStrokes website renditions can benefit your site and business, you can contact us by e-mail at inquiries@notestrokes.com or by phone at 212.946.1201.