NoteStrokes™ - Music Painting Images

NoteStrokes finds the important elements in music and those in an image, then uses what it finds in the music to paint-out what it finds in the image -

>> What's in the music paints-out what's in the Image <<

It works with all kinds of images - trees, flowers, buildings, clothes, dresses, hair - and with all kinds of music - Hip-Hop, Rock, Rap, Jazz - any type - and with different instruments - drums, piano, guitar - whatever. The music produces dynamic NoteStrokes video renditions by painting-out the images stroke by strokes. To See - and Hear - a NoteStrokes Video Rendition, Click Here (Wait for Video to Download. Hit F5 to replay. Close window when finished.).

The video renditions have more meaning than either the image or the music alone because each reinforces - and interacts with - the other.

The same image can be painted-out in thousands of different ways with the same sound ... or with different sound - whatever. Thus, one image becomes many.

The renditions can be as long or short as wanted, from seconds to days.

Still Frames from the Videos are also produced and are called "Vignettes" - they look like paintings.

The multimedia renditions produced are compelling and impart messages to those that experience them that are memorable - and people want to see more.